Monday, August 13, 2012

Regina Spektor

Happy Monday! I had such a great weekend with my husband home! We didn't do anything too exciting (we saw The Campaign. It was OK... and watched the Seahawks! Yay football!). We just got back to our normal selves, which was awesome. The pups loved seeing their daddy too. But now he's back in Pendleton for the next week and a half to two weeks. :( So... anyone want to get together?! :)

Last Thursday night I went with my friend Kim and my sister (in-law) Jenn to see Regina Spektor in concert at the Paramount. It was the third time I have seen Regina, and the third time I have seen Regina with Kim. Our love of Regina stems from college when we first heard her song Fidelity. We immediately loved the music video and the catchy tune and every time we see her it brings us back!

The first time we saw Regina it was in Seattle at the Moore. She was so shy and cute. She even forgot the lyrics to one of her songs and the audience had to help her remember! It was actually pretty funny!

The second time we made a trip out of it and went to Portland. We stayed at this fun boutique hotel in the Pearl District and did some shopping and ate lots of good food. We realized that the opening act for her in Portland was Fun.! You know, of the We Are Young fame. Before they were kind of a big deal!

She's just so good. I would see her a hundred more times because she is so talented. Her opening act this time was this guy from the group Only Son, but it was just him on stage with his guitar and his ipod. We found out (after some hard core google stalking in between the opening act and Regina) that he and Regina are married! Pretty cool!

If you haven't listened to her, I would highly recommend it if you like indie/pop/raw talent kind of music! 

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  1. love the recap! so fun! and love the old picture of us. classic.



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