Thank Goodness It's Friday Almost The End Of Busy Season! This week has been rough to say the least, thus the lack of posts. But those tax returns aren't going to prepare themselves! Hopefully next week I'll be back at it again, sharing all our recent adventures.

Teaser: stay tuned for all the juicy details on our new bread maker (and a lot of cookie/bread baking), family time (my one goal in life this weekend is to beat my Dad at cards!), some Buster stories (what did he chew on this week? Hint: starts with i and ends with Pad), a glasses update (oh yes, I definitely am looking smarter these days), and getting my baby fix (those little itsy bitsy toes are just so dang cute!). I know the two readers I have out there (Hi, Mom!) are probably holding their breaths waiting for the latest Kane family update, but you'll just have to wait a little bit longer!  Happy Weekend!